Collins Brothers: Our work shows that we can work

The Collins Brothers prove that they don't like passivity, routine and laziness. One project chases another, and they're still on their way. They haven't rested well yet after their trip to Colombia and Guatemala, and have already packed their suitcases and set off on a trip to India, where they recorded another program. Its premiere is scheduled for autumn.

  • We recorded a new reality show, which will be broadcast on Discovery Channel in the fall. It was also a tough show where we traveled all over India. It was shot three months after "America Express". It is a tourist, adventure and documentary programme, but also entertainment," says Rafał Collins, Newseria Lifestyle agency.

The Collins brothers explain that the recordings for this reality show were also connected with the separation from their loved ones. They required a lot of work, commitment and creativity.

  • Our work shows that we can work, that we are not two puppets - says Rafał Collins.
  • Three months after our stay in South America we were a month in India and there it is already hardcore. And it was also different between us - adds Grzegorz Collins.

He admits, however, that the expedition to South America served him better. Although it took many sacrifices to survive every day of the expedition, he got used to living in those conditions quite quickly. In Asia he did not feel too comfortable.

  • Great respect for the participants of "Asia Express", because it is impossible to learn the language, there are a bit different people there, there is a bit different mentality. I am very happy that we came to South America, because I like these countries very much, I like Spanish, there are many words similar to English and you can learn a lot on the spot - says Grzegorz Collins.

The account of this unique trip to India will be available in a few months on Discovery Channel, while Rafał and Grzegorz encourage their fans to watch "America Express" and "The Collins Brothers' Crazy Cars" and follow their channel on YouTube.

  • We run a very cool show called "Beat the Dream". We do it as part of our foundation and we visit people who are very touched by fate, who have a very difficult situation in life, and we try to make their dreams come true. These are mundane things, but for these people it is something beautiful, something huge. So we try not only to draw from the world, but also to give something from ourselves - says Rafał Collins.

/ Source Newseria

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