Polish cities experiment with artificial intelligence. It motivates officials to work, and soon may even replace them

Offices are on the verge of a revolution connected with the spread of artificial intelligence systems. Representatives of the public sector are investing in tools to automate work, which will improve the performance of the most repetitive activities and simplify contact with citizens. Polish cities are experimenting with intelligent assistants and the Ministry of Finance has implemented the Single Control File, which is processed by means of advanced analytical algorithms operating on the borderline of artificial intelligence.

  • Various dependencies and algorithms have to be built, certain solutions are developed, which later enter into an automatic process. The Internet of things is entering our everyday life more and more strongly: the algorithms show that this equipment can learn and serve solutions adequate to our habits - says Wojciech Murdzek, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Development, in an interview with Newseria Innowacje news agency.

In Poland, the National Centre for Research and Development is responsible for developing a coherent programme for the development of intelligent technologies, which implements the provisions of the document "Assumptions to the AI strategy in Poland Action Plan of the Ministry of Digitalisation" published in 2018 by the Ministry of Digitalisation. NCRD officials plan to actively support this sector of new technologies, inter alia, by outlining a system support programme for artificial intelligence solutions.

The European Commission is also aware of the fact that we are on the verge of a technological revolution related to the spread of SI systems. It is therefore starting a general discussion on the need to develop coherent guidelines for the ethical use of artificial intelligence. Representatives of the EC encourage member states to introduce legal regulations concerning the use of autonomous technologies. They would facilitate and accelerate the implementation of such solutions on a large scale.

  • The Ministry of Development is strongly involved in all processes that allow for professional solutions to problems faced by entrepreneurs when entering the digital space. At the moment, we are implementing a test version of the cyberbot of an official who, after the NIP number, answers us verbally: we talk to the phone and we hear a message whether the entrepreneur is a vat or not. I think that there will be more and more such future-oriented solutions. They are to help us focus on what we do best in our industry, but also to leave more space, e.g. for free time - convinces the expert.

Autonomous bots are already operating at the level of local governments. They are tested, among others, by the Krakow City Hall, which has developed a virtual clerk. KRKbot was created as part of the city hackathon KrackHack and helps residents in searching for information related to the service of entrepreneurs. In Gdynia, in turn, an intelligent system motivating officials to work with a smile on their faces was tested. Start-up Quantum CX from the Pomeranian Science and Technology Park Gdynia developed a tool that analyzes the expression of an employee's face and recognizes when the employee smiles at the supplicant. The motivation to smile were vouchers for online shops. In this way, artificial intelligence was supposed to improve officials' approach to citizens.

Wrocław can play an important role on the map of artificial intelligence innovations - the city was selected as a potential candidate to create a Virtual Research Institute. The new research unit established under the "Policy of Artificial Intelligence Development in Poland 2019-2027" is to focus on developing projects related to the use of autonomous systems. The city already has experience in implementing projects focused on artificial intelligence - as part of the Wrocław CityLab, the city infrastructure has been made available to representatives of start-ups to test new generation smart technologies.

  • We want to create practical solutions that will really make life easier and enter the space that helps to function - indicates Wojciech Murdzek. - This modernity will enter every space where people function.

According to Grand View Research, the value of the global market of artificial intelligence will increase to 390.9 billion dollars by 2025. In the coming years, it is expected to grow at a rate of 46.2 percent per year.

/ Source Newseria

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